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Creating a website is a complex and exciting workflow, it is true that nowadays you can click "something" yourself, there are many free services on the Internet, but the end result will not be as effective as if you entrust the work to a professional.

User friendly, modern web design

For me, in addition to functionality, it’s important to meet the unique needs of my clients so I can help make your website stand out from the crowd. One of the new areas of modern business is web presence, almost for many. commonplace, but nowadays everyone is looking for a product, service or simply information on the internet for the first time, so it is extremely important to create a suitable online image for your business.

Mobile-optimized appearance

Nowadays, a significant proportion of people only use the Internet from a smartphone, so it is essential that your company's website does not just look good on a computer. Mobile-friendly design is now a basic requirement, which greatly improves the user experience and also has a positive impact on Google placements.

Marketing driven structure

Marketing has become a fancy and unavoidable thing that every business has to deal with! Over the past few years, I have been able to look into the lives of many companies and find that many businesses will go into designing their own online appearance and website without prior planning, but this often results in important tasks being handed over to less experienced IT professionals.

Web development

The unique websites created by AreaMedia combine good looks and functionality that will increase the success of your business.

Advantages of the website over other marketing tools:

• A well-crafted website raises the company’s prestige,
• One-time investment that works for us from 0-24 hours,
• There are no limits, neither in space nor in time,
• Extremely low annual maintenance cost,
• Contains a lot of information that needs to be changed at any time,
• Responsive, perfect and consistent look from any device,
• Measure your usage, daily traffic, and time on site

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